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Month: September 2010

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

We expect to have our first products available early January 2011.

The first product will be a board based on the Austria Micro Systems AS5040/5045. The board will be small and will include mounting holes, can be used with the sensor top or bottom facing the magnet.  This small rotary encoder board will feature:

  • Contactless high resolution rotational position encoding over a full turn of 360 degrees
  • Two digital 10bit absolute outputs(AS5040):
  1. – Serial interface and
  2. – Pulse width modulated (PWM) output
  • Three incremental output modes:
  1. – Quadrature A/B and Index output signal
  2. – Step / Direction and Index output signal
  3. – 3-phase commutation for brushless DC motors
  4. – (AS5040) 10, 9, 8 or 7 bit user programmable resolution
  • User programmable zero / index position
  • Failure detection mode for magnet placement monitoring and loss of power supply
  • Rotational speeds up to 30,000 rpm
  • Push button functionality detects movementof magnet in Z-axis
  • Serial read-out of multiple interconnected AS5040 devices using Daisy Chain mode

The second product series will be focused on energy harvesting.

Products targeted:

  • One of the smallest Joule Thief boards ever, measuring an mere 0.25″x0.25″ .
  • A thru-hole PCB Joule Thief kit, with user selectable parts for experimenting with different values
  • An energy harvester that uses a 0.5V solar cell and regulates at user selected outputs ranging from 1.8VDC to 12VDC

If any of these products interest you please let us know , drop us a line at