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Month: September 2011

3-axis MMA7660 sensor working with Arduino

3-axis MMA7660 sensor working with Arduino

We have the MMA7660 assembled and tested breakout boards in stock, check out products section under CNC/robotics for $6.50 each

I got the Freescale MMA7660FC 3 axis g sensor displaying rotational information, using Tim Zaman’s Project library, found here: or here Tim Zaman Project Reference Arduino Code for MMA7660

As the installation instructions say: unzip it in the Libraries directory of your Arduino install. This is tested with Arduino 022 IDE.

Wiring for a 168/328-based Arduino is: DVDD and AVDD to 3.3V, GND to GND, SDA to Analog 4, SCL to Analog 5, as per the Wire library specification here:

So pleased to have this working!