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Month: September 2015

We Just Preordered a Glowforge Laser Cutter for $1995.00, 50% of the List Price

We Just Preordered a Glowforge Laser Cutter for $1995.00, 50% of the List Price

We just purchased a Glowforge laser cutter for 50% off of the list price as part of a preorder discount that will run for 30 days from Sept 24th

Use this link for another $100.00 off of your order, we also get $100.00 off if you buy one using this link!

We have been in the market for a decent laser cutter for some time now. The low cost option was to get something from China for about 1K with software that leaves so much to be desiredĀ  and hardware that is very questionable or you could spend 10K or moreĀ  on a US made laser cutter with some descent software and hardware.

See this great video:

Well here is what sold me on the Glowforge laser cutter:

  • US made laser cutter
  • Pre-order price is 50% off
  • The laser uses two cameras for alignment of the material, it takes a picture of the material on the laser bed, then lets you move the design on the material by just dragging it on the screen.
  • Any software updates are free forever
  • Cuts: wood, fabric, leather, acrylic, chocolate, delrin, rubber, etc…
  • Can cut from both sides using second high magnification camera to align the back die of the cut, which means you may be able to cut 1/2inch plywood.
  • You can draw on the material and it will trace your drawing using the laser (this was a major selling feature for me)
  • The laser automatically focuses up to 0.5 inches over the surface of the material as it is cutting ( also a major selling feature for me)
  • The work area is 12″x20″, this is a very usable size for me.
  • 40Watt zero mode (high quality, small spot size) CO2 Laser
  • sealed optics (no cleaning of optics)
  • no external cooling system
  • no external compressor required