3-Axis G Sensor Boards Arrived

3-Axis G Sensor Boards Arrived

Now that the sever issues are resolved, I can get back to business. The 3-axis sensor PCBs arrived. I am in the process of writing the code to test the boards. Once the boards are tested they will be put into the products section of the website. The boards use the Freescale MMA7660FC 3x3mm DFN 10 pin IC.


  • 2 row x 4 pin 0.1″ header spacing with 0.6″ separation between rows. Allows for use on a through hole proto-board.
  • Unpopulated 0805 pull-up to DVDD resistors for SCL and SDA. Two 4.7KOhm resistor included with each board. Allows flexibility in choosing where you will use pullups on the I2C bus.

Front side

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