Joule Thief Simulation II

Joule Thief Simulation II

We have Joule Thief kits in stock. This also includes our new high power Joule Thief Kit that includes a Cree XLamp 1 Watt white LED. We ship all over the World.

For a fully interactive simulation; visit the forum at to download the simulation files, a link to download the free LTspice simulation software, and to see the joule thief schematic (the download is near the bottom of the page).

I did the Joule Thief simulation graphics again. I wanted to make them a little better this time. I added some arrows on the schematic to show where the simulation graph values are coming from, I hope this helps. Click on the image, then click on the next page image for a full size version ( I still have to figure out why you have to click the image twice to get a full size image )

Joule thief Simulation II
Joule thief Simulation II Graph and Schematic

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