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I have not had a problem with my faithful Pinzgaur 712AMB since I bought it more than five years ago, but the winter in Colorado has been very harsh for the last several weeks with many negative temperature days and my Pinz has finally failed me. I remembered that the best site on the internet for the Pinzgauer 710 or 712 repair information was made by K. Jürgen Schöpf, but the site has lapsed since he sold his Pinzgauer. I was saddened by the loss of this great information site, so I contacted Jürgen and and he gave me permission to put up a copy of the site. So here it is live once again on the Mad Scientist Hut site:

I will be editing some of the pages when I get some time to remove some of the dead links and to try and make navigation a little easier. If anyone wants to add more info or correct something wrong  please contact me at:




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